Friday, November 11, 2005

HaOman 17

Israelis know how to party! Although their style is different than North Americans.
Seth, Jon and I went to HaOman 17 in Jerusalem, one of Israel's most popular club. The universities and colleges in Jerusalem were throwing a party for all students, to open the new academic year (university starts at the end of October here, after the Jewish holidays).
The place is huge and was completely PACKED, people everywhere were dancing, and the energy was high.
In Israel, people don't "grind". In fact, if you try to, girls will give you disgusted looks and walk away. Israeli girls are also known to be "hard to get" (well, for Israeli guys anyways, they tend to be nicer to foreigners). Seth and Jon definitely got a taste of that. Jon brushed up against a girls' bare back by mistake, and she turned around and gave him this dirty look and said to me: "how much did he have to drink?". Later that night, as we were leaving, Seth rubbed shoulders with another girl as we were finding our way out. She turned around and said: "hey! watch where you're going!". Considering that when you walk down the streets in Israel, people bump into you all the time and never look back never mind apologize, that was pretty weird.
I've been to other big clubs in Israel such as the "Forum" in Be'er Sheva, and had a great time there too. If you've never been clubbing in Israel, I suggest you go. It's an experience you definitely do not want to miss.


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