Friday, September 23, 2005

Om Beach

My favourite beach so far has been Om Beach in Herzliya. It's clean, has good waves and is always full of life.
Seth and I went there today, before Shabbat. The water was refreshing and it's always fun to try to catch waves. The restaurant they have on the beach has the best ice coffees (we've tried a bunch of them all over Isreal, and these are great, a bit expensive, but really big too!). There were Israeli families, and groups of friends that sat at the tables eating fruits and sandwiches they brought from home. Later in the afternoon the music came on, and teenagers swarmed in. There was dancing near the spray hoses (hoses that spray water to cool people off). It was a great way to start off the weekend and have fun before the quiet of Shabbat hit. (Seth says that Drum Beach ("Hof HaTupim") in Tel Aviv is also a great experience)


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